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Risk Assessments
"The following risk assessments have been conducted according to the principles of the HERA methodology document (pdf document)."

Substance:Polycarboxylates copolymers
CAS numbers:
112909-09-8  126595-54-8  29132-58-9  51025-75-3  51344-35-5  52255-49-9  60449-78-7  60472-42-6 
61842-61-3  61842-65-7  63519-67-5 
Risk Assessment Status Publish Date R.A.
Full (PDF) 662 Kb Updated Edition 13/02/2014
HERA Comments
 The key changes versus the previous version include the following: - For more clarity, the report has been split into two parts in order to cover separately homo-polymers (P-AA, Part I) and co-polymers of (P-AA/MA, Part II). - The refined assessment has been based on updated tonnages of polycarboxylates used in detergents (EU data 2011 collected in 2012). - New experimental data have been generated and included in order to: o address the sorption behaviour (adsorption study using radio-labelled materials performed) o refine the effect assessment (new terrestrial studies performed). - The new reports include more detailed explanations than the previous version, including re-assessment of the whole available dataset. On that basis new risk characterisation ratios have been calculated for both types of polymers.