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Targeted Risk Assessment as the basis of HERA's Commitment:
Whereas hazard information is based only on intrinsic properties of a substance, risk information takes into account the likelihood that the hazard will actually materialise in intended and reasonably foreseeable use.
Hence, for a sound evaluation of the safety of a substance or product, A.I.S.E and Cefic believe that risk assessment needs to be performed in addition to hazard assessment.
Moreover, it can be targeted on those areas or applications identified to be of potential concern given an evaluation on the initial Risk Assessment because of their high quantities and because they are consumer products, hence the HERA approach.

The HERA Targeted Risk Assessment concept therefore:
  • focuses on ingredients of household detergents
  • and identifies:
    • potential effects on the environment
    • potential effects on human health
    • known and probable uses and discharges of detergent and cleaning products
  • uses a tiered approach, by starting from worst-case assumptions & refining them them if necessary.
As part of a continued commitment to assessing the human and environmental safety of chemicals as used in detergent and household cleaning products, A.I.S.E & Cefic with the HERA initiative therefore agree to:
  • gather safety data, including hazard identification data and exposure information
  • set risk-based priorities for assessment
  • evaluate safety for a prioritized list of chemicals in A.I.S.E household cleaning applications
  • propose the risk management conclusions
  • review the outcome with all stakeholders
Priority lists developed in other fora and risk assessment activities on identical or similar substances need to be taken into account to address the substances of highest concern first, and to avoid duplication of effort and waste of resources