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Working structure and membership
Who is involved ?

The HERA project was sponsored by two industry associations, namely Cefic (with its relevant sector groups) and A.I.S.E.. The companies affiliated to these associations produce the chemical ingredients on the one side, and formulate the finished products on the other. Hence they are vital in providing the necessary hazard data on the ingredients, the consumer exposure scenarios for the products and the expertise to make the risk assessments. HERA was also forging close links with the sister associations of A.I.S.E. and Cefic in Japan and the USA.

Companies and associations involved in the HERA project have committed themselves to an efficient development of the project by agreeing to contribute to the methodology, helping to select the substances to be studied, providing the hazard and exposure information on human health and the environment, talking to stakeholders and finally, producing and publishing the final HERA assessments.

In 2001, HERA invited scientists from European universities and other scientific organisations to join its External Advisory Panel (EAP). The EAP reviewed the HERA methodology and the risk assessments posted on the website and thus helped the HERA team in its objective to continuously optimize the quality of its work.
The Panel members were:
  • Professor Colin Janssen, Universiteit Gent / Belgium,
  • Professor Iain Purchase, Cheshire / United Kingdom,
  • Professor Nico van Straalen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam / the Netherlands,
  • Professor Marco Vighi, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano Bicocca / Italy.