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The HERA principles
  • HERA is committed to partnership between Supplier and Formulator Companies and their representative groups;

  • HERA can only succeed fully if it develops an open dialogue with stakeholders e.g. regulatory scientists and interested European organisations;

  • Transparency in all its activities is essential. This includes the risk assessment procedures, agreed data-sets, justification for data selection, reasons for overriding some standard elements of procedures such as those from the Technical Guidance Document for risk assessment of new and existing chemicals in Europe;

  • No preconceptions exist of the outcome of the risk assessments. The results will speak for themselves;

  • Above all, HERA is a commitment to a sound scientific basis to risk assessment and to the use of a tiered ('step-sequence') approach to understanding the behaviour of chemicals during the use and disposal phase of household cleaning products. The HERA approach will ensure the use of the available and appropriate data thus avoiding unnecessary animal testing.