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The HERA targeted risk assessment concept
Industry firmly believes that hazard assessment is NOT sufficient to reach conclusions on the safety of chemicals. Only when the hazard is combined with exposure information it is possible to estimate the risk a chemical may pose in any particular use scenario.

HERA will approach risk from a specific viewpoint: it will focus on risks to consumers and the environment resulting solely from the use of these chemicals in household cleaning products when used by the consumer hence the terminology HERA assessments or targeted assessments.

Risk assessments will be conducted on chemicals used in household cleaning products (which are usually the main application of these chemicals).
The outcome of the HERA process will be the delivery of risk assessment reports in a standard and practical format.

The HERA risk assessment concept will use common principles and a common language in order to aid communication with authorities and the general public. Publication of the procedures and the assessments will allow for better transparency.