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Value of HERA
What is the value of HERA ?

To business:
Industry believes that it is essential to provide information about the potential risks posed by chemicals, and not just hazards, in order to provide its customers and consumers with a balanced perspective and reassurance that industry is behaving responsibly. With this common framework, it will be possible to gather and communicate this information consistently.
By bringing together the main data holders (Cefic companies) and experts in the products and how they are used (A.I.S.E. companies), industry expects to speed up the process and deepen the general understanding of the scientific basis of risk assessment.

To regulators and the general public:
Under current legislation, companies carry out assessments on their products, often using individual standards. HERA differs in providing a common industry response to a society which increasingly demands that industry be more transparent in sharing its data and decision-making processes. Data will be made available to the public by various means, the internet being an important one.
With a speedy and efficient delivery of information, HERA should also contribute to the refinement of a risk-based approach for chemicals legislation in Europe, and possibly other regions of the world.